Especially in runes, she learned a lot of runes in just one month. Even if she didn't use the po "Er..." Tang Yu and others were speechless. Every moment, the half step spirit Qi in his body is transforming. Facing the unexpected time, the professionally trained Shi Xiaobao is faster than Wang Dun's rea The more immortals they die in their hands, the greater their credit. But you don't want to be interested in me, Auntie Feng and I don't want to be interested in Zhen Zidan and others all looked at him anxiously. Chen Yihan's dragon soul knife was fully waved out. During the flight, Yang Kai frowned slightly. Ye Chu could not move in the distance. Ye Chu saw some of them with his eye of the sky. This evil Qi Dudu chuckles and spits out his little tongue. This shot was aimless, but he himself, with a strong impetus, collapsed. He Dong also felt the danger of this mission. At this time, those emergency call points accumulated "Well, that's what I'm thinking about. It's just that too much energy is involved in the In addition, Tang Zheng believes that physical fitness, muscle strength, explosive force, nerve reac Her husband's earnest let her very have no face, her eyes stare, it is a sword to stab out again But in front of Lin Yufan, it is like a mouse to see a cat in general, appears very respectful and c If you want to mount this particular flame, you must be able to mount these flame.

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