holy crap

holy crap,ons什么意思

Another spirit of the ancient god, a face of emotion said. Xiao Xianmo should be able to understand me... Has Xiao Xianmo never let me down? With a low drink, Jiang burst out his holy yuan and poured it into the void in front of him. Buck was a little surprised. Fang Lingying seldom took the initiative to be enthusiastic until now. Therefore, the envoys of various countries in China hope to establish good relations with Lin Zihao Ye Chu's evil spirit is constantly in the air, gushing and rioting, involving a piece of coverin "I haven't thought about it yet. Don't worry!" And the first time Huidan obeys the order of nature. At this time, Li Hao's voice came in. However, even if there is no chance of winning, Mao Su can become the winner of level 10 green seal. The people who received the invitation were all Party members of ten thousand Fu. Looking at the inv He collapsed on the ground, his body twitched weakly, his eyes turned white and fainted. "Sir, the Chinese army camp is coming. Shall we send someone to pass the message and let the king of Princess Daifei could not help but smile at this, and her smile immediately stunned the count of Ato "It's a pity that my time has come and I can't stay for a long time, but I have a hunch that Brent told himself in his heart, "in this world, you can't rely too much on others, because even PS: Thank you very much for the support of the book friend's monthly pass - "the Dragon floating Lei Xingfeng smile, said: "you see, one step, two steps, three steps... Seven steps... No play!"

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